Successful Resolution of Your

Legal Issues is Our Challenge

Commercial Law

We represent companies in various complex court procedures and shareholdersdisputes, representation for finding out of court solutions and close big deals.

Company Law

We make various organizational company changes of corporate nature, such as changeof Manager, name, principal capital, change of company’s legal form etc.

Corporate Governance

Legal counsel for securing that your company has best corporate practice,always following the business on daily basis, securing best legal solutions for growth of your business,providing management and finance solutions, protection against hostile takeover, providing legalcounsel through all corporate procedures.

Foreign Investments

We work consistently on conducting different kind of foreign investmentsbeginning with startup business to green/brown field investments.

Shares and Stocks

Preparing Share transfer agreements, representation in procedures for buying and selling stocks/shares, conducting IPO procedures and all other capital deals.

Legal Due Diligence

Due diligence of your legal entity. We are collecting, understanding and assessing all the legal risks associated during M&A process.

International Law

Full legal service in procedure for implementation of foreign arbitration/court decision, representation in front of Arbitration and all other proceedings with foreign element.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We perform statutory changes of companies especially acquisitions, mergers or divisions of companies, conversion from one form to another.

Banking Law

As lawyers we perform wide range of functions related to creation, monitoring and application of regulations in the banking sector. We also open accounts of foreign and domestic legal entities and individuals. We represent our clients in debt collection procedures and as well as foreign investors in securing loans for buying property in Macedonia.

Civil Law

As Lawyers, we protect and represent citizens’ rights in every field of the law in front and out of court, mediation procedures, make various types of contracts etc.

Labour Law

Protecting rights of employees and employers, making professional working contracts with specific clauses for creating stable working relations between the contracting parties.

Obligation Law

Preparing all types of contracts, especially complex contracts for securing stability in the manner of protecting your rights and knowing your obligations, property contracts and will.

Criminal Law

We offer effective defense to defendants in any stage of the criminal procedure. We do not defend the crime, but the person. Every defendant deserves fair trail and quality defense.

Family Law

We regulate family relations as the essence in every society, representation in divorce procedures, child custody and procedures for property ownership during marriage and after for divorce.

Insurance Law

We provide legal opinions about insurance, including insurance policies and claims against insured events. Also we represent you before court regarding claims of insured events and claim damages.

Aviation Law

As Lawyers we perform a wide range of functions related to the creation, monitoring and application of regulations in the aviation sector.